Funny Things Customers Say 2

  • If it wasn’t for you we’d be divorced by now!

This one made me really laugh.

  • What do you mean? I asked, still laughing.

I’ve been cleaning for Chris & Helen for some months now. I’ve changed their names because Helen said she’d kill me if I posted this 😀

Chris has a full-time job and Helen is a full-time mum to a smashing young toddler that I’ll call Bryn.

  • Well, said Helen. – At the weekend when Chris is at home we tried to get on top of the housework. Chris would pick jobs he wanted to do that didn’t necessarily help. But also he wouldn’t do them that well either, so I had to re-do them when he was at work.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard women complain about the way men clean… which oddly enough leads on to an upcoming blog post… but more on that later.

A big gripe women seem to have is that men do a poor job with the housework.

Would you agree?

Or is it the other way round and you’re a bloke who thinks his lady is the one who does a poor job?

Is this a can of worms? 😃

I don’t think so.

Anyway, on the plus side, Chris and Helen are now okay and their marriage is safe, thanks to yours truly.


York House Cleaning – saving marriages across York! 😀


Until the next time – Keep it Clean 🙂 (and tidy!)

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