You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Some things when I clean them never look much better afterwards, and that’s something as a professional cleaner you have to get used to. It can be difficult because I find one of the biggest rewards of this type of work is seeing a difference between before I started and after I’ve finished. I like making a difference. Sometimes that difference is small, a little piece of detail work like a bit of limescale, or marks on a plug socket. Mostly I think I might be the only one who notices the small differences, and that’s OK- I can live happily and well knowing I’ve done a good job and that I’m proud of the work I’ve done.wp-1486125236744.jpg

One day I spent some time cleaning a customer’s staircase banister and spindles etc, and afterwards the effect of my efforts were barely noticeable. Hardly surprising when you consider the condition of them (see image). (It’s not the customer’s fault, the property is rented and the landlord clearly does little maintenance.

Nevertheless, I gave it all a good clean and applied polish to the bare wood and buffed it up. The customer might never notice the difference, or maybe they might… my guess is that it’s unlikely.

However the reward here is that I know I tried, and I feel good, great in fact, for having tried.

Some work doesn’t bring great results, and yet as I said previously, at least I feel good about myself for giving it my best shot.

Personally, I feel that’s a really important point to remember for any work I do.

Until the next time – Keep it Clean 🙂

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