Funny things customers say – 1

  • I cleaned up before you came!

It always makes me smile and in fact we usually have a laugh and joke about it.

What some people mean is they cleared or tried to tidy up a bit before I got there. By ‘clearing’ I mean picking up clothes, getting the pots washed and dried, tidying surfaces etc. In other words making the place more accessible so I can clean their fixtures and furniture without having to move things around or, if it’s too cluttered leaving it altogether. And that makes perfect sense- they’re paying me to come in and clean, not clear. The less time I spend clearing to get to areas that need cleaning then the more cleaning I get done – and they get a better service and better value for their money.

However, there are also some who literally do clean up before I get there!

Largely those who literally clean before I get there are concerned that I’ll think ill of them about the state of their place. However I’m not there to judge, and in fact it doesn’t even enter my head. In fact the dirtier a place is the more satisfaction I get in making it look good again, so I’m more likely to think ‘ohh goody’ 😀

Until the next time – Keep it Clean 🙂 (and tidy!)

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