The reasons I like cleaning work…

There are several reasons I like this kind of work-

  1. It’s Active,
  2. It’s Varied,
  3. It’s Rewarding,
  4. It’s a good service,
  5. It’s focussing.


  1. Active Work; I like active work. It ties in with my wellness goals and with health recommendations about leading an active lifestyle. I know this mostly refers to exercise as  the CDC here recommend, however any physical activity in itself is better than sedentary work and there are many organisational movements in this direction. However the funny thing I often find in life is that I don’t realise I like something until I have a comparative experience with something I don’t like. For example, I was working as a training coordinator in a local confectionery factory. I loved some aspects of the work, like delivering training and crafting training programmes, however most of the time I found myself sat at a PC inputting data and updating paperwork – it drove me nuts. During the same period I was also doing a bit of cleaning work and a bit of delivery work for a local cakeaway, and yes, I did spell that right- cakeaway. These experiences made me realised I disliked inputting work, loved creative work and loved active work.
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  1. The Variety; Cleaning work is certainly varied. Yes there are days where I see the same people I do every week, however I never quite know what to expect when I walk in the door. Nevertheless, there is always something new to notice, and there’s always the weekly, fortnightly, monthly news activities both myself and my customers have to share, and whilst I don’t go there to talk, it is enjoyable taking an interest in the lives of other people. 

On top of that I get to visit so many wonderful and very varied homes decorated with lots of very different tastes.


  1. Rewarding;

– I’m really sorry it’s such a mess! And,

– I bet you haven’t seen anything as bad as this!

Those are words I hear a lot. Often the reason people call me is because they’re busy, too busy to hold down full-time work, look after the kids and keep the house clean. Often they’re behind on the housework for all the aforementioned reasons, and from my point of view it feels really good being able to help.

I’m proud of the work I do. I’m pleased with the results I achieve. Sometimes the best visual results are from houses where there is the most to do!


  1. Servicethis follows on nicely from point 3. I like being of service, it makes me feel valued, and many of the comments I receive are very affirming, for example,– It’s so nice to have my weekends back and not to have to clean the house!– It’s lovely to wake up in a clean house.I get good reviews on Facebook and Yell and they too are wonderful to read. They tell me I’m doing good work, that I’m doing something right, and that is a wonderful feeling.

    Customer interaction is also a wonderful aspect to this work. I get to listen to a couple of my customers practice on their piano while I work creating my own live soundtrack. More recently I’ve been able to offer a customer the opportunity to study my work for a college course I once completed which she is studying now. This is alsovery rewarding.

    It also ticks the variety box because everyone is so different.



  1. Focussing; I almost said meditative here however some might not relate to that, nevertheless I do find it very much that way. Cleaning holds my attention as I endeavour to get something looking good. I’m not one of those cleaners who can slosh a wet cloth round a sink, wipe a dry cloth over a surface, do a quick vacuum, squirt some air freshener and be out of the door. For me it’s all about the finish. I love cleaning bathrooms and kitchens because there is the real opportunity to make things gleam by buffing up chrome taps, steel & porcelain fittings, shower screens, mirrors etc. I love it when I look back round when I’ve finished and see the light glinting off my work – and we’re back to the rewarding aspect again. However it’s the focus involved in getting an area to that point, it’s that aspect I enjoy.


Several of these points cross over into others and actually if you look close enough they’re all linked. Each point helps sustain the others.
That’s all I’ve got to say for now really.

I think for my next post it will be about bubbles! People seem to think that bubbles means better in terms of cleaning agents and I think it’s time to dispel a few myths on that score.

Until the next time – Keep it Clean 🙂

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