How far do I go…

The thing I struggle with the most, is knowing when to stop.

How far do I go?

How much time do I spend on a job?

How much detail is too much detail?

I’ve been cleaning this beauty today, and from this shot it looks ok.

I cleaned up the brass rail at the front…

… Afterwards I noticed a little line round the base of the brass rail support, I cleaned them all and there was still a line which turned out to be  wear.

Then the tiles…

Now, the thing here is the grouting looks filthy however it looks worse because the tiles are wet. Once the tiles dried the colours merged. I thoroughly cleaned the grout but afterwards it looks no different.

Then there’s all those little pesky corners in that shot.

Sometimes the challenge with cleaning is that once you’ve cleaned something you reveal aspects that don’t look so great. I spend ages cleaning those tiny little aspects trying to make it all right so the customer thinks it’s alright.

Anyway, I hope you’re having fun with what you’re doing because believe it or not, I enjoy these little challenges that crop up in my work 🙂

Until next time – Keep It Clean 🙂

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