My first blog :)

I decided it was time to write a blog for my site. I’m going to endeavour to post weekly, the idea being to share my experiences and stories and offer practical cleaning tips and tricks that work. All too often I see cleaning ‘life hacks’ banded around, mostly involving vinegar, bicarb of soda and other such things. However I tend to think that if these things were really practical they would be used industry wide… but they’re not.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m still learning and making mistakes, and learning from said mistakes, sometimes painfully. Nevertheless I’ve always been guided in life by an underlying philosophy –

How can I make life easier for myself?

This is not to be confused with taking it easy!

Far from it. I’ve found, through both personal experience and watching others, that those who try to take it easy spend as much effort, if not more, trying NOT to get the job done and hide that fact from their boss than they would if they’d just done the job in the first place.

The philosophy of making life easier for myself has served me well over the years… very well in fact. The philosophy makes you look at what you’re doing and try to find ways of simplifying it or making it quicker. The knock effect is it makes you more productive and so working this way has got me noticed by employers and I’ve been promoted with very little effort on my part. The manufacturing industry calls this way of working LEAN or C.I., also known as Continuous Improvement. I learned about it in my (much) younger days when I was heavily involved in martial arts and oddly enough, network marketing. I stumbled across the principle of KAIZAN. I’m not going to bore you with the details when Google will find you all you need to know on the subject, needless to say this had a big impact on me and as I say, it’s served me well.

I’ve gone round the houses a little here to explain the difference between the tips I will share and the ‘life hack’ variety.

My tips have come about from continuously looking for the simplest, quickest and most effective way of doing a task.

They benefit me in my day to day life, and I hope they benefit you.

Sorry, but I need to start a sentence with ‘and’.

And please…  if you find any way of doing things that may well be easier than mine – feel free to share 🙂

And (sorry again,) by the way- I will be sharing things about other aspects of life too, not just cleaning.

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